NYC Weekly Show Highlights
Welcome, weary travelers. We are starting a journey into the heart of darkness (the music scene in New York City) and we're here to tell you what shows we think are rad every week. That's it; not reinventing the wheel—it's just that there are lots of shows to choose from and sometimes we all suffer a little performance anxiety and you need someone to tip the scales. Here are the tips for the final week of 2017.

Wednesday, 12/27/17: Danger Sluts, In the Next Life, Another Astronaut, The Void at The Footlight

There doesn't seem to be much going on before Wednesday and this is honestly the only show I know of so it's automatically the pick. That being said, it's still rad! This is a straight-up punk rock show that vacillates between pop-punk and street punk. Think classic VFW show vibe bands. I mean that lovingly.

Thursday, 12/28/17: Martin Rev (of Suicide), Future Punx at Bowery Electric 

I never thought I'd be recommending a show at Bowery Electric but here it is—in the first week, no less. Obviously, you know Martin Rev of Suicide, but honestly Future Punx are the reason this is on here. They're rad and their name says pretty much everything you need to know about them. Punk made for computers by computers (but not really, they're humans just pretending). Venture into Manhattan for a change. It will thankfully have less tourists in between the holidays.

Friday, 12/29/17: The Mad Doctors, The Black Black, The Rizzos, Yazan (solo) at East Williamsburg Econo Lodge (ask a punk) 

Full disclosure that the person writing this is playing in one of the bands. And that might happen sometimes. But honestly, take us out of it and it's still a monster lineup and some light has to be shed on The Black Black, a band who has been slogging it out under the radar for at least five years, churning out super danceable yet dark post-punk. Pair The Rizzos' sweet penchant for head banging and Yazan opening things up, it's a night to drink whiskey and appreciate the hopeful December chill.

Saturday, 12/30/17Diarrhea Planet, Body Spray, Stuyedeyed at Rough Trade 

Shredding is the name of this game. Philly's Body Spray play ugly (in a good way) punk shit and Stuyedeyed continues to smoke us up with their riffs. Pass it along.

Sunday, 12/31/17: The Budos Band, Electric Citizen, Evolfo at The Knitting Factory 

I honestly don't need to promote a show for The Budos Band. It will be packed and they'll slay. But Electric Citizen and Evolfo are true gems worth the price of admission alone. Electric Citizen brings killer heavy vibes to a show with its own brand of heavy grooves but this will have more hair flying. Evolfo finds the perfect balance of the two, offering up riffs and horn blasts that will put hair on your chest.



Greg Hanson lives in Brooklyn and plays in a bunch of bands, founded King Pizza Records, and goes to a bunch of shows. This might qualify him to write about these shows for Blood, Sweat, and Beers.