Nova Luz Band + Toyzanne + Ghost Funk Orchestra
On Friday night the mighty Ghost Funk Orchestra took the tiny stage at The Gutter for their first show ever. This Brooklyn supergroup started back in 2014 as a bedroom recording project of The Mad Doctors frontman Seth Applebaum. Over the years Applebaum has quietly self-released Ghost Funk's music—often playing every single instrument on the recorded tracks.
But bedroom recording projects that sound this full don't translate well live. For Ghost Funk's debut live show Applebaum assembled seven musicians from bands such as The Mad Doctors, Lumps, Sludge Judy, Sun Voyager and Sirs and Madams. The results? Unreal. Nova Luz Band and Toyzanne opened the night. If you missed out on their epic first show—don't fret—Ghost Funk Orchestra returns to the roof of Our Wicked Lady on July 21.