NYC Weekly Show Highlights: 01/01/18


As we roll through the near-week-long hangover post New Years, it should surprise few that bands have taken a few days off to communally take Advil and sit on the couch. But fret not, mid-week the young bucks come out of hiding to rock, roll, drink and generally be merry. This week's show picks are thusly:

Thursday, 1/4/18: Birds, Evil Jesus Band, Heavy Birds at Mercury Lounge

Avian fans rejoice! But for real, Birds are putting out catchy-as-hell rockin' garage hip-shakin' shit and Heavy Birds drone the fuck out. A great one-two punch in Manhattan (of all places) with a band smack in the middle of which no information can be gathered. Kinda feels exciting to say that, no? It's like WHAT THE HELL IS INSIDE THIS WONDER BALL? Find out.

Friday, 1/5/18: Ghost King, Max Pain & The Groovies, Ghost Funk Orchestra at Baby's All Right

Two shows, two nights in a row with band name word repetition. I just wish tomorrow Ghost Birds were playing...Yuck yuck yuck. But hot damn this lineup is tasty—Ghost Funk Orchestra trips out Latin-and-R&B-Afro-Soul with a squeeze of fuzzy garage rock. Max Pain will carry the party torch and keep your body moving with their hot blend of catchy psych rock. Ghost King will slide their way right into your hearts with their psychedelic grunge overload. Miss it and be sorry.

Saturday, 1/6/18: Desert Sharks, Scam Avenue, Little Hustle at Rose Gold/Cape House

You know how in '80s comedies rock n roll and new wave synth pop co-existed in total harmony? Well, that hasn't been the life that I have led but this show tells us we can all live our Ferris Bueller dreams! Little Hustle gets takes you to the synthy shoegaze stars, Scam Avenue puts the hip in interstellar rock-it ship and Desert Sharks prove that even in space, you can head bang to your favorite tunes from home.

Sunday, 1/7/18: Acoustic Sunday: CUP, Psychic Selves, Treads, Your Dream Coat at Rose Gold/Cape House

A requisite comedown after the long party from the rest of the weekend, this series features normally loud bands playing quiet. CUP usually brings noisey slop rock ala Coachwhips, Psychic Selves get acid dreamy, Treads hits the asphalt like a squealing tire and Your Dream Coat sweetly rocks ya to kingdom come. As I have never seen any of these bands play quiet, that's a recommendation in and of itself.




Greg Hanson lives in Brooklyn and plays in a bunch of bands, founded King Pizza Records, and goes to a bunch of shows. This might qualify him to write about these shows for Blood, Sweat, and Beers.