NYC Weekly Show Highlights: 01/08/18
Repetition is thine name this week as we have two, count em TWO, double-headers at a couple of Brooklyn's best venues. I'm a ratchet strap and a beer-filled cooler away from just camping out in Greenpoint in anticipation. I'm sweating already.....

Wednesday, 1/10/18: Geezer, The Hazytones, Sun Voyager, Heavy Traffic at St. Vitus

FUCK. St. Vitus always keeps it heavy but SLOW DOWN. I mean that both ways—these bands pump out fuzzed-out fucking heavy rock 'n' roll and sometimes they get reeeeeeaaaaallllll slooooooooow and it just punches you right in the bing bong.

Thursday, 1/11/18: Pop. 1280, A Deer A Horse, Dad, Irrevery at St. Vitus

Another bunch of heavy hitters in the weirdo rock tradition, ranging from dissonant-ass (Pop. 1280) to country-fried noise weirdness (Irrevery), and the bands who loved them but will punch ya if you ask (ADAH & Dad). A pummeling show if ever I've seen one.

Friday, 1/12/18: Darkwing, The Smirks, Mean Siders, Plaid Dracula at The Gutter

After the smoke clears (you know the kind), saunter to The Gutter for our second subway series for a night of riffs of a lighter variety. These bands are Candy Land but that's why they rule—pumping out earworm rock 'n' roll tunes to jettison you into the weekend.

Saturday, 1/13/18: The Royal They Release w/ Illiterate Light, El Silver Cabs, The Rizzos at The Gutter

My love for The Royal They is no secret and your love is just beginning because their new record is a monster. The whole bill is ridiculous. Every band packs a wallop. Don't miss this one or you'll kick yourself to kingdom come.

Sunday, 1/14/18: Wildhoney, Big Bliss, Hypoluxo, Fruit & Flowers at Elsewhere (Zone One)

Another perfect Sunday comedown after a week of awesome music. This one starts with a bang—FxF takes us to surf shredtown before we ease into the sweet melodies of Hypoluxo's swoon. Big Bliss and Wildhoney provide a heady double-team to blast the weekend to bits into the next week.


Greg Hanson lives in Brooklyn and plays in a bunch of bands, founded King Pizza Records, and goes to a bunch of shows. This might qualify him to write about these shows for Blood, Sweat, and Beers.