NYC Weekly Show Highlights: 01/15 - 01/21
After Brooklyn has realized it's not Siberia, shows have resumed their normal pace—there's a  show worth your time and money every night this week. Just breathe; everything will be a-okay.

Monday, 01/15/18: World's Greatest Detective, Bulldada, Glass Slipper, Old Lady at Elsewhere

I'm playing this fuckin' thing in Glass Slipper, but that's not why it's on here. World's Greatest has been playing the field and puts on a hell of a show with all the feelings while Bulldada was recommended to me and their album rips riffs and jazz weirdness. First show from Old Lady in a minute, but word along the grapevine is that they're gunna blow up that opening slot. It's a real early one.

Tuesday, 01/16/18:  Low Mein, Sharkswimmer, Gentle Heat, Small Drag at Sunnyvale

Songs for the disaffected but who still wanna party. Come early, hang late, reminisce and feel great with your buds. Come on feel the vibes.

Wednesday, 01/17/18: Martin Bisi, Haybaby, Machine Girl, Bonnie Baxter at Alphaville

Weird rock. Post-post. Stammercore. A night of off-kilter killers that is sure to leave you with feelings you didn't realize you had, but the longer you have em you're like, "oh yeah, this is pretty fuckin NEAT." Challenge accepted.

Thursday, 01/18/18: Secret Crush, Retail, Psychiatric Metaphors at H0L0

I'm just excited at the prospect of jumping from Retail's punishing live punk show to Secret Crush's sweet melodies and head-nodding pop tunes, but lest we not forget Psychiatric Metaphors opening the pit up early with ear-shattering psych-punk-a-palooza.

Friday, 01/19/18:  New Love Crowd, Joy Cleaner, Resounding No, Nick Rogers at The Gateway

It's a Jersey takeover as Joy Cleaner and Resounding No—two weirdo pop groups from The Big Dirty—wash ashore with Holy Tunics' Nick Rogers opening a solo set of slacker pop and New Love Crowd play nostalgic tunes meant to kiss your friends to. By no means syrup, this is a dirty pop night that could only feel at home at The Gateway.

Saturday, 01/20/18:  Sweet Static Two-Year Anniversary w/ Thick, Bodega, Grim Streaker, The '94 Knicks at Alphaville

Fellow local music bloggers Sweet Static celebrate two years of getting their hands dirty here in Brooklyn and sport a lineup chock full of high-test sonic madness. If you don't know all of these bands you might be asleep, but that's okay because this shit is guaranteed to wake you up.

Sunday, 01/21/18: The Night Screams, Leopard Print Taser, Neon Daze, Thin Women at The Footlight

This is one you'll need a shower after—you'll be working up that Sunday sweat into a furor, whirling around like a rock 'n' roll dervish of head banging and beer. The hairs on my neck are standing up already and asking for an encore.


Greg Hanson lives in Brooklyn and plays in a bunch of bands, founded King Pizza Records, and goes to a bunch of shows. This might qualify him to write about these shows for Blood, Sweat, and Beers.