NYC Weekly Show Highlights: 01/22 - 01/28
The thaw is coming! I can taste it! And it will surely recede once again into the cold glum of February, but fear not! We, of course, have the wild warmth to weather the coming flurries—and we're not just talking about snow.

Monday, 01/22/18: Green Milk from Planet Orange, Myriad, Sun Abduction at Brooklyn Bazaar

So potent you don't need weed (but it wouldn't hurt).  Inhale Sun Abduction's trip to the psychedelic stars, exhale Green Milk's whacked-out math punk onslaught. Surely a left brain/right brain concoction for the total body high kinda folks.

Tuesday, 01/23/18: Darkwing, Whiner, Harms, Primitive Lips at Sunnyvale

This honestly feels like a journey from the '80s to the present in one show. Synthy new wave, loud/quiet alt-rock, grunge, punk shit, it's all present and accounted for and I, for one, am down for the trip.

Wednesday, 01/24/18 EARLY: Sammi Lanzetta, Painted Zeros at Mercury Lounge

Alright, alright so we're cheating a little bit—but it's only because both of these lineups are straight bananas and because you could feasibly do both in the night and not miss a single band. Two wonderfully moody bands that blur the lines between indie rock and punk with vim and vigor and back it with genuine poetry.

Wednesday, 01/24/18 REGULAR: QWAM Release with Dead Stars & Jigsaw Youth at The Knitting Factory

Show number two because you're a badass show-hopping New York delinquent whose thirst for rock 'n' roll is unquenchable on this particular eve. QWAM is dropping a tape and you better pick it up before the fury comes knocking and it's got your address. Punk shit for the folks who forgot punk's still alive and well and is a renter. Plan your night accordingly.

Thursday, 01/25/18: Big Bliss, Warpark, Sic Tic, The Rizzos at Brooklyn Bazaar Basement

A festival of the senses: auditory ice cream and sumptuous weirdness. Slather it on thick, put sprinkles on it and let it ride.

Friday, 01/26/18: Bueno, Milk Dick, Spowder, Snakeskin at The Glove

Sarcastic guitar rock that will make you laugh, think, dance, prance and drop out. The Glove is like the New York DIY scene of 10 years ago and these bands embody the gentle weirdness it has come to foster.

Saturday, 01/27/18: Blood Sweat & Beers 1 Year Anniversary with The Mad Doctors, The Royal They, Powersnap, Scout Harris at Pet Rescue


If we need to tout our own show (we do) then you haven't been even reading these (You know what they say about assuming). This will be certified face-melting, chest-burster fun brought to you by your friends from right here. They're calling from inside the house. May we remind you of the madness that was the last The Royal They show... also we're making limited edition shirts

Sunday, 01/28/18: NOBODIES Watching the Royal Rumble at Bizarre Bushwick

This may not be a music show but we're breaking the rules. Nobodies! Watching The Royal Rumble! Drag queens snidely commenting on the costumes, the entrance walks and the butts from television's greatest long-form drama. What's. Not. To. Love?!


Greg Hanson lives in Brooklyn and plays in a bunch of bands, founded King Pizza Records, and goes to a bunch of shows. This might qualify him to write about these shows for Blood, Sweat, and Beers.