NYC Weekly Show Highlights: 02/05 - 02/11

The beginning of February is usually a morass of icy roads and winter depression. Thankfully here in New York, we have tons of coffee, cars honking and hot rock 'n' roll to wipe away those frozen tears and keep your hips shakin' till spring!

Monday, 02/05/18: Logan X, Groupie, Phil from Accounting, Lueck at Mercury Lounge

I need to buy a new handkerchief cuz the name of this game is SNOTTY. Phil From Accounting describes themselves as the Dave Coulier of punk, which I appreciate, for one. A show to ditch school to.

Tuesday, 02/06/18: We Fell in Love with the Rock Show feat. Wolf Diamond, Mike Borchardt (solo), Romi Hanoch (solo) at The Footlight

This is the first of Rachel Adler's on-going series of art shows by local scenesters and you don't get more ubiquitous than Mike Borchardt. This dude's show-going abilities are boundless and his rapid-fire pic-taking puts us all to shame! His best will be on display and there will be a rad show accompaniment of indie punk darlings.

Wednesday, 02/07/18: The Warhawks, The Nuclears, Not Amused, Edna at Sunnyvale

Party is as party does, so party on. Beer guzzlin' has never sounded this good as this straight banger party platter (with dip) is servin' up hot Wednesday dancing jams to light you up this week.

Thursday, 02/08/18: Looms, Schmave, Chestnut Grove, Wolf Diamond at Rose Gold

The calm before the storm that is Friday. A great lead into the weekend with purposeful, meticulously-constructed indie pop morsels that make a great soundtrack to put on your tux for...

Friday, 02/09/18: Senior Prom featuring The Rizzos, Ghost Funk Orchestra, The Royal They, Plaid Dracula at The Gutter

Get those corsages and cummerbunds ready because prom is back! And it might be the last one (as we're all seniors and going to different colleges in the fall—will we still be friends?!) so you better doll up and get over to The Gutter for a night so festive you might forget a bunch of grody punks (and a a funk band) are gonna shred your eardrums! 

Saturday, 02/10/18: Scarboro, Rebelmatic, Fat Heaven, Bodega Satellite at Silent Barn

In an effort not to slow down at all, Silent Barn is throwing an amphetamine-fueled bill filled with bands that simply refuse to not play as fast at they humanly can, which is surely bolstered by Gayla pulling double punk duty in Fat Heaven AND Scarboro. RIP your eardrums.


Greg Hanson lives in Brooklyn and plays in a bunch of bands, founded King Pizza Records, and goes to a bunch of shows. This might qualify him to write about these shows for Blood, Sweat, and Beers.