NYC Weekly Show Highlights: 02/12 - 02/18

All right, no more fucking around. We're in the throes of the winter blues and I find the best way to shake em off is to shake them hips. Gotta get Road Warrior on these buggers or they'll creep right up on you and drag you down. So these are your shotgun blast convoys for the week:

Monday, 02/12/18: Max Pain & The Groovies, Jane Church, Coco Verde, Date Night at Baby's All Right

A night of revelry and mischief and drunkenness and rock 'n' roll. Ya know, Monday shit. Might wanna take off Tuesday—all I'm saying.

Tuesday, 02/13/18: I Am The Polish Army, Nihiloceros, Sic Tic, The Fucktons at Saint Vitus

Put away your Darkthrone shirt for a night (I'm looking at you, Vitus) and mosey down Greenpoint way for a seven layer cake of weirdos, riffage, colored hair and Hawaiian shirts.

Wednesday, 02/14/18: Copycat Tribute to Tom Petty with The Nervous Breakdowns, Zarrin Taj at Otto's Shrunken Head

Pucker up with your honey and put some Petty in your ears as V-Day gets a makeover (and a tiki drink) at NYC's longest-running cat-themed cover series, Copycat.

Thursday, 02/15/18: Dirty Fences, Las Rosas, Animal Show at Rough Trade

The soundtrack to a beer-drenched, wood-paneled rumpus room in 2018 would surely heavily feature these bullet-belted brothers (and sisters) in arms. Denim required upon entry.

Friday, 02/16/18: Teen Body, Psychic Selves, Low Mein, Quire at The Willow

Nice 'n' chill rock 'n' roll at a venue I have never heard of, but seems appropriately named for such pretty goings on. 

Saturday, 02/17/18: Child Abuse, USA Nails, Prayer Group, Dead Tenants, The Cradle at The Glove

I honestly hate the name Child Abuse—I think it's in bad taste. But they make good music. So if you can get past that, here's a night of punishing skronk rock that puts the DAMN in discord. 

Sunday, 02/18/18: A Deer A Horse, Nice Guys, The Royal They, Dog Shepherd at H0l0

Fuck. Nice Guys are traversing I-95 from Boston to thrash with heavy scene stalwarts for a Sunday so bad it should have a holiday.


Greg Hanson lives in Brooklyn and plays in a bunch of bands, founded King Pizza Records, and goes to a bunch of shows. This might qualify him to write about these shows for Blood, Sweat, and Beers.