NYC Weekly Show Highlights: 02/26 - 03/04

Okay, I'm official sunburnt toast. My Hawaiian vacation has been filled with shrimp 'n' fruity cocktails 'n' wild panthers stalking us at every turn. I'm coming back soon, though. It has been too wild for me.

Monday, 02/26/18:  Weeping Icon, Natural Velvet, The Rizzos, Sludge Judy at Secret Project Robot

A rare Sludge Judy sighting for a huge Monday banger to make you forget the week just started. Natural Velvet's coming from Baltimore ready to throw rats at ya and the slurry of riffy beefcake could break even the best of us.

Tuesday, 02/27/18: We Fell in Love at the Rock Show Closing Party w/ DJs Ultragross at The Footlight

Come party with Mike B. and fiends while Seth and Bettina (Ultragross) DJ your favorite somethings (probably funk/soul/pop-punk knowing these germs) and marvel at all the pretty, pretty pictures.

Wednesday, 02/28/18: Danger Sluts, Dooku Handle, Odd One's Out, A Very Special Episode at The Footlight

A comfy gaggle of rock 'n' roll from gaze to strutting punk shit at Queens' favorite back room. Those on the lookout for the new new should look here.

Thursday, 03/01/18: Trip, Dad, Psychiatric Metaphors, Crusasis at El Cortez

Breakin' all the rules and wearing jorts whilst doing it—this is the name of my new skateboarding movie with soundtrack featuring all of these bands. Heavy is thine name in all forms. Like lumpy gravy.

Friday 03/02/18: Lost Kingdoms EP release w/ Husbandry, Civilians, Winter Ring at Rose Gold

It's always good to catch a band at a release show cuz (unless they drink too much) they're usually on top form. Catch Lost Kingdoms EP release cuz they already rule and you can eat a fried chicken sammich upstairs before the show.

Saturday, 03/03/18: The Royal They, The Mad Doctors, Atom Driver at Our Wicked Lady

Playing this one amid a busy Saturday of awesome shows but Atom Driver from NJ are schlepping up to break off a piece of the rock n roll Kit Kat Bar.


Greg Hanson lives in Brooklyn and plays in a bunch of bands, founded King Pizza Records, and goes to a bunch of shows. This might qualify him to write about these shows for Blood Sweat and Beers.