NYC Weekly Show Highlights: 03/19 - 03/24

The sun-kissed Austinites-for-a-weekend head back from the glorious festival in the sky and the weather is finally showing signs that the coming spring—and music onslaught—is just around the corner. Our bodies are ready! 

Tuesday, 03/20/18 :ORB, Ghost King, Ryne Ziemba at Baby's All Right

Austrailia's mighty ORB might well take Baby's down with the ship—a heady fuzz concoction that's only best stoked by an opener like Ghost King. Pick your face up from the floor when you're done.

Wednesday, 03/21/18: Ode to Doom w/ Black Pyramid, Goat Wizard, Witchkiss, Shadow Witch at Arlene's Grocery

Day two of this week's heavy-ass riffery. With names that contain "black" "witch" and "goat" you know what kind of head banging misdemeanors will be making the LES tremble.

Thursday, 03/22/18: Fits, Washer, Bethlehem Steel, Yazan at The Footlight

Yazan has taken a sojourn to head on the road for what seems like forever. So you should 100% take this opportunity to saddle up and catch him and the Exploding in Sound crew wreck house in Ridgewood, banging out off-kilter pop, weirdo blues, post-punk and blowing kisses just to me.

Friday, 03/23/18: Typhoid Rosie Record Release w/ Hypemom, Bike Thief, Vassals, Briscoe at The Kingsland

Indie punk darlings Typhoid Rosie are bringing their third record to term and are joined by a teeming slurry of indie rock fever that will lift your spirits and get your feet dancing. Also, for what it is worth, I've been told this venue has great pizza.

Saturday 03/24/18: Sweet Static: Big Bliss, Logan X, Bizarre Sharks, Headless Elvis at Pet Rescue

Our friends at Sweet Static have another nasty bill on their hands—this time at the loft that keeps on keepin' on. Headless Elvis are Long Island boys and they shred like pros. Bizarre Sharks got mems of El Silver Cabs, The Royal They and Lost Kingdoms so you know the pedigree. And if you don't know Logan X and Big Bliss, prepare yourself.


Greg Hanson lives in Brooklyn and plays in a bunch of bands, founded King Pizza Records, and goes to a bunch of shows. This might qualify him to write about these shows for Blood Sweat and Beers.