NYC Weekly Show Highlights: 03/27 - 04/01

If we cross our fingers and chant "No more snow!" and believe it really hard then Spring will come for good. Regardless of the weather, though, here's a week's worth of mind-shattering music to forget whatever the hell is going on outside.

Tuesday, 03/27/18: Period Bomb, Dead Tenants, Hug Victim, Mezzanine Swimmers at Trans Pecos

Tuesday and Wednesday are for those who like their rock 'n' roll the old-fashioned way—noisy as hell. This show is jagged and angry and god damn if that doesn't make the hair on my toes get a little moist. Trans Pecos might or might not serve alcohol so pre-gaming might be necessary.

Wednesday, 03/28/18: Video Daughters, High Priest, Salvation, Law$uits at The Glove

I appreciate whoever put High Priest and Salvation together because when you write about show listings, these are the kinds of things that make you giggle. So, phantom booker, your work is seen. Loud ass rock 'n' roll to make your heads spin and your heart race. Riffs too. Those are cool.

Thursday, 03/29/18: Greg & Pete's B-Day T4TC w/ The Mad Doctors, Greasy Hearts, The Rizzos, Powersnap at Our Wicked Lady

It's my birthday show. And it's Pete (from Greasy Hearts)'s birthday show. Hooray us! Rock 'n' roll forever!

Friday 03/30/18: The Midnight Hollow, BIG BAND, Colatura at (Zone One) Elsewhere

Bands that would be awesome to play Super Ghouls 'n' Ghosts to and not cuz they're 8-bit but because they are kinda spoopy and filled with extra synthesizers 'n' stuff. So grab your '80s goth garb and get to Zone One.

Saturday 03/31/18: Sharp Shadows, Logan X, LMPC, Rye Pines at East Williamsburg Econo Lodge

Sweat out the week at the last living DIY spot in any neighborhood with Williamsburg in the name. Rye Pines are dropping in from the frozen tundra that is Boston to bring hot tunes from the fatherland and you know how the local NYC friends do 'round here. 

Sunday, 04/01/18: The Mercury Mitzvah feat. a Shitload of People at Mercury Lounge

This is so cool—a shitload of Jewish solo sets from lotsa NY music scenesters (e.g. Jamie Frey, Ben Jaffe, Alex Levine, Ariel Bitran, to name a few) in a Easter benefit for The Bowery Mission. Early—so find those eggs quick and get to the LES.


Greg Hanson lives in Brooklyn and plays in a bunch of bands, founded King Pizza Records, and goes to a bunch of shows. This might qualify him to write about these shows for Blood Sweat and Beers.