NYC Weekly Show Highlights: 04/10 - 04/15

We're really getting there, folks. We're rounding first and second is wide open. The sweat is starting and you can feel it in the air: spring is coming. For real this time. Not just a tease. But the whole thing. Time to see some music.

Wednesday, 04/11/18: Hawkbill, Dirtbag, Dutchguts, Nerveshatter at St. Vitus

The amps haven't been loaded in, but there have already been reports of the earth-shaking volumes emanating from St. Vitus. Sure, it could be the other shows, but this one is by far the heaviest so I can't imagine it's not pre-rumbles or just the ground shaking in anticipation.

Thursday, 04/12/18: Glass Slipper, Yr Parents, Faith/Void, Bernadette at The Footlight

I always love grossing up the joint at The Footlight and this will be no exception. Yr Parents are most nasty and visiting all the way from Seattle so I'm gpnna saddle up and ride this one like a pony. Yeehaw!

Friday, 04/13/18: Talay, No Honeymoon, Young Scum, Your Dream Coat, Shelter Dogs at The Gutter

For all you lovers who want a night out to dance in your soul and on your feet, Friday night at The Gutter is going to be like the local sock hop, except with radder bands and lots of shimmery rock 'n' roll and booze.

Saturday, 04/14/18: Lumps, World's Greatest Detective, Poly Action, The Rizzos at East Williamsburg Econolodge

Let me gloat a little: Jon from The Night Screams (and Sunset Guns and Paper Fleet, etc.) is playing his first show bringing the double guitar attack to Lumps and that rules. We're playing my favorite low-pipe practice space with all my favorite people and terminal sweethearts with Austin toughs in town for a Saturday night that's all right for fighting (but don't do that, please).

Sunday, 04/15/18: Starbenders, Wooing, Vamanos at The Knitting Factory

Starbenders live up to their name as alien-borne glam rock weirdness, but I'm here for the openers, perennial street rockers Vamanos and flower psych dreamers Wooing who share great haircuts and great performances. Get there early—that is what I'm talking about.


Greg Hanson lives in Brooklyn and plays in a bunch of bands, founded King Pizza Records, and goes to a bunch of shows. This might qualify him to write about these shows for Blood Sweat and Beers.