NYC Weekly Show Highlights: 04/23 - 04/29

The hangover is real. Still getting over all the 4/20 shit and Monday even took a day off. It's still the weekend. But fear not, there's enough tang to put a kick back in that glass, if you know what I mean and I think you do.

Tuesday, 04/24/18: Gustaf, Miracle Sweepstakes, Miserable Chillers, Plum Dumpster at H0l0

As the weather heats up, H0l0 is keeping the nights cool with a chill bill featuring New York City's premiere good timers. Let the wave wash over ya. Just let it.

Wednesday, 04/27/18:  Sun Abduction, Dog Shepherd, Witch Slap, Nevva at Alphaville

Get the nugs in early (you decide which kind) and make sure you're here cuz this whole bill is a rager and if you miss a second you'll kick yourself to kingdom come. Tune in and turn on.

Thursday, 04/26/18: Parlor Walls EP Release w/ Russian Baths, Courtship Ritual at Alphaville

The first of two exciting releases this week—both unapologetically weirdo and face-melting. Both at Alphaville. Coincidence? Become one with the fuzz.

Friday, 04/27/18: The Royal They, Jollys, Great Woods, El Silver Cabs at The Gutter

Gimme a dollop of this cuz I need to spread it on my toast every morning. What a way to lead into the weekend. The fire will be brought.

Saturday, 04/28/18: PILL Record release w/ Sneaks, Flexi, Dull Tools (DJ) at Alphaville

PILL continues their weird rock house of cards with a new record and a bunch of equally strange and eclectic musicians to fill a night of mirth and merriment. Art is life and this show is art. You know what to do. 

Sunday, 04/29/18: The Nuclears, The Messenger Birds, The Ritualists at Mercury Lounge

The Nuke boys have been on the road and are exploding back onto the New York stage for a night of leather and jeans and spitballs and all the things the kids are doing these days.


Greg Hanson lives in Brooklyn and plays in a bunch of bands, founded King Pizza Records, and goes to a bunch of shows. This might qualify him to write about these shows for Blood Sweat and Beers.