NYC Weekly Show Highlights: 05/14 - 05/20

Welcome to self-promotion week. This is where I mostly talk about the thing that I have been putting together for months actually happens. If you have seen me recently and I drunkenly blurt out "PIZZAFEST" it's because I have been eating, drinking, breathing and dreaming about this thing. It happens Thursday through Saturday. But that doesn't mean there aren't killer shows early in the week! You know how to pre-game. I don't need to lay it ALL out there.

Tuesday, 05/15/18: Tav Falco, Jack Martin's Bob Dylan Death Watch, The Othermen at El Cortez

We're finally approaching the time of year when tiki drinks are socially acceptable and El Cortez makes a mean pina colada which can be enjoyed while thrashing about at the insane hip-shaking mamma jamma that Tuesday brings. Also Jack Martin's Bob Dylan Death Watch is a crazy mouthful that makes me question my own naming abilities.

Wednesday, 05/16/18: Ellen and the Degenerates, Up! Up! Ups!, Mala Vista, Nervous Triggers at El Cortez

If I'm functional, I'm at this. Up! Up! Ups! from Philly blast out mega rad early punk tunes with a killer singer and many tasty licks. Joined by local punks and rock n rollers for a jean jacket fest unto its own - this is a lineup for the ages.

Thursday, 05/17/18: FUCKING PIZZAFEST DAY 1 with El Silver Cabs, The Rizzos, Black Hatch, Glass Slipper, The Night Screams at The Gutter

The truth is out there and Pizzafest is truth and Pizzafest is here so...let's fucking go crazy and crowdsurf the whole weekend! This is day one of our annual three-day bacchanalia of pizza, fuzz, headbanging and dancing!! It begins earth-shaking and ends hip-shaking so a perfect first act in this triad of heavy daze.

Friday, 05/18/18: DANG PIZZAFEST DAY 2 with The Mad Doctors, Playboy Manbaby, Natural Velvet, The Nuclears, Crazy Pills, Vamanos at The Gutter

Butter me up and put me in the sun cuz I'm ready for it. Full-on party weekend that is my Christmas and Halloween rolled up and put in the toaster so it gets nice 'n' crunchy. This night is like putting potato chips on your picnic sandwich: Extra. Fucking. Righteous.

Saturday, 05/19/18: CRIKEE PIZZAFEST DAY 3 with Sun Voyager, Narcos Family Band, The Royal They, The Unders, The Lushpockets, Rye Pines, Lumps, Oxenfree, Daddies, Powersnap, Scout Harris at The Gutter

Rev those engines cuz this shit is ALL DAY. Pacing? You wish! Get there early and drink and eat your faces off cuz there are eleven bands to lull you to rock 'n' roll nightmares and come out the other side. Guaranteed to be a religious experience or your money back.


Greg Hanson lives in Brooklyn and plays in a bunch of bands, founded King Pizza Records, and goes to a bunch of shows. This might qualify him to write about these shows for Blood Sweat and Beers.