NYC Weekly Show Highlights: 05/28 - 06/03

It's a scant week as folks are still hopefully grilling and chilling and taking a minute to recoup and get all the good feelings in line for the coming beach weather. But there are some nuggets in here that are definitely worth your hard-earned time off.

Tuesday, 05/29/18: Voted Most Time Warped closing party w/ DJ Aaron Hester at The Footlight

Your last chance to catch Aaron from Lumps' killer psychedelic wonders on the walls of The Footlight, all with him DJing his favorite weird shit. 

Wednesday, 05/30/18: DJ Anna Anabolic's Soul Party at Hank's

Hank's is a place that has stuck out for a long time and it's getting the axe in the coming future so saunter down and dance your buns off to Anna's rare hip-shakin 45s.

Thursday, 05/31/18: Greyhounds, Johnny and the Bootlegs, God Tiny at Knitting Factory

Blues punk and psych and soaring solos are the order of the day at The Knitting Factory so strap in and kiss Robert Plant goodbye.

Friday 06/01/18: Dommengang, Twiga, Kissed by an Animal, Kill Bots Kill at East Williamsburg Econolodge

Econo has a knack for putting on mega fetching show combos and this ain't no exception. A rock 'n' roll platter of delicious proportions that's got some chutzpah, but never gets too heavy to weigh ya down. Time to check in.

Saturday, 06/02/18: Foster Care, Fire Heads, Big Eyes, Fealty at Tender Trap

This show is entirely too nasty and might get shut down by the Nastiness Police for excessive fuzz and headbanging, but you should jam over there and find out yourself because you won't be sorry. Fire Heads are in from WI and give a new meaning to face-melting.

Sunday, 06/03/18: The Rizzos, Lola Tried, Top Nachos, Sarah Glassman, Anna Volpe at Pianos

Let's party like it's '63 and all your favorite heartthrobs are there cuz they will be at Pianos. Fill your head with sweetness and your shoes with dancin' feet and the rest of the night will fall in line. Required going.


Greg Hanson lives in Brooklyn and plays in a bunch of bands, founded King Pizza Records, and goes to a bunch of shows. This might qualify him to write about these shows for Blood Sweat and Beers.