NYC Weekly Show Highlights: 06/04 - 06/11

Northside is coming and that means there is an absolutely gluttonous onslaught of shows. You can see so much music it'll make ya puke. And maybe that's good. We all need a hard reset sometimes.

Monday, 06/04/18: UV Rays, Squad Car, CUP, Bad Kiss at Sunnyvale

Monday night's all right for fighting, especially if by fighting, you mean shreddtacular nasty fuzz! Bump over to the industrial part of town for some righteous machine music all night long.

Tuesday, 06/05/18: Mark Perro Band, QWAM, Menjuje, Bulldada at Saint Vitus

From jazz punk to heavy riffery, there's something in the bag for everyone. Lots of veteran rock 'n' rollers and lovely familiar faces that might be a pile of goop on the floor by the end. Dress appropriately.

Wednesday, 06/06/18: The Off White, Nevva, Nice Knife, Desert Sharks, Inkmouth at The Footlight

Pick yourself off the floor, ya dirty weirdos, and saunter down to Ridgewood for five ferocious mind-altering rock 'n' roll experiences. It'll bounce, it'll shake, it'll do the damn twist if you ask it. What's it? Find out.

Thursday, 06/07/18: King Pizza Records Official Northside Showcase w/ El Silver Cabs, The Rizzos, Glass Slipper, The Night Screams, Next Great American Novelist, Gunks at The Gutter

Whatta mouthful hanging above us but we're gunna blow dumb and chill out, Northside style. A frightening smorgasboard of bands to wet your whistle as you dip a toe into night one of a show-hopping bonanza of heavy proportions. Do the right thing, y'all.

Friday, 06/08/18: Punx of Color Northside Showcase w/ Disposable, Fat Heaven, Bodega Satellite, Ratas en Zelo at Brooklyn Bazaar

Slam to Brooklyn's best-sounding room and snag a burrito in the lobby before a spicy night of punk rock from a bunch of folks who ain't just white dudes. It's super rad that events like this exist to give voice to folks who don't always get their fair shake in the rock n roll scene. So check out some fucking punk, ya nerds.

Saturday, 06/09/18 - EARLY - Sweet Static Official Northside w/ Thick, Big Bliss, Monograms, Vamanos at Alphaville

Northside's cool cuz you can leave your house in the afternoon and catch tons of shows! So get out there, slug some coffee and start a personal pit at Alphaville for a celebration of all things smashing and crashing. Hair will whip. Fun will blossom. Do it right.

LATE - Northside x The Gutter w/ A Deer A Horse, No Ice, Secret Nudist Friends, The Regrets at The Gutter

Head into the darkness of night with a slug of this shit. Holy mighty! I'm honestly getting giggly thinking about this much volume in the same room. Shaking, even. 

Sunday, 06/10/18: Think Tank, Woodhull, Jemez at Coney Island Baby

Think Tank is NYC/Baltimore based so they don't play nearly as much as any of us would like, so don't sleep on what promises to be a herky-jerky good time for ya turkeys!



Greg Hanson lives in Brooklyn and plays in a bunch of bands, founded King Pizza Records, and goes to a bunch of shows. This might qualify him to write about these shows for Blood Sweat and Beers.