NYC Weekly Show Highlights: 06/25 - 07/01

It's officially summer, which means it's fucking PINA COLADA TIME. So get to those shows and get your frozen drinks in your guts ASAP before you miss the whole dang thing. 

Monday, 06/25/18: Pearl Earl, Low Anxiety, The Sideshow Tragedy, Arturo Bandinis at Berlin

Austin's Pearl Earl are in town for two killer nights of Manhattan rock 'n' roll - night one puts Berlin in the middle of a showdown of hip-shakin' garage goodness so hop on that train and head across the East River and get to the gig.

Tuesday, 06/26/18: Pearl Earl, Treads, Women of the Night, Pearl at Coney Island Baby

Night two of Peal Earl's NYC hang sesh has a bit more of a grunge-y bent at the newly-opened Coney Island Baby. Catch both and compare. Collect 'em all and show your friends.

Wednesday, 06/27/18: Whiner, New Myths, CUP at Our Wicked Lady

A little bit of dreamy pop and a little fuzzed-out nastiness, Our Wicked Lady's got a Wednesday for all tastes. Come early for the rage, stay late for the sage (ya know cuz new age-y types burn sageā€”it makes sense, I promise). 

Thursday, 06/28/18: Grace Kelly All Day tape release w/ The Mad Doctors, God Tiny, High Pony at The Gutter

Grace Kelly All Day has been pumping out heavy, riffy shit to headbang to and if you haven't caught 'em yet, their stacked tape release is the place to be. Like a blacklight poster draped in velvet, this lineup is like hangin' in a punked-out rumpus room playing foosball and smoking weed. 

Friday, 06/29/18: Shadow Monster, Toyzanne, Kissed by an Animal, The Glitch, Billy Wakeman at East Williamsburg Econo Lodge

A fat load of skronk from all over the map featuring many familiar Brooklyn music faces. If you have been outta the house in the past five years, you've likely seen a number of these folks in various iterations; this very special night being leveled-up by awesomely off-kilter danceable vibrations.

Saturday 06/30/18: PowerSnap tape release w/ Classical Baby & Top Nachos at The Gutter

PowerSnap is mega exciting. Their tape is an earworm classic-to-be that proves that there's still plenty of gold in dem rock 'n' roll hills still left un-tilled and waiting to be mined. So strap on that flashlight because you're sure to discover a new favorite band or two.

Sunday, 07/01/18: Friendship Commanders, I Am The Polish Army, Daddies, Wholewrecker at St. Vitus

The hallowed halls of Vitus invite you to do more rockin 'n' rollin' as the week passes over into the steamy heat of July. Well, a month so hot can only be matched by tunes of such a nature so start it off right, ya hear?


Greg Hanson lives in Brooklyn and plays in a bunch of bands, founded King Pizza Records, and goes to a bunch of shows. This might qualify him to write about these shows for Blood Sweat and Beers.