NYC Weekly Show Highlights: 07/03 - 07/08

It's hard not to discuss the fucking heatwave that has swept over our fair city, but it's summer and that means beaches, fruity frozen drinks, AC chillin, and night air filled with the tunes of good buds and great times. Fill 'er up.

Tuesday, 07/03/18: Baked, The Rizzos, High Pony, Dead Painters at Union Hall

I honestly didn't know Union Hall still put on loud shows so let's shake the foundation of this place until all the bros upstairs can feel it!! Shouldn't be too hard considering the lineup is stacked, loud and proud of it. You've got off the next day, so do your country proud and let the noise move through ya. Come early for bocce too.

Thursday, 07/05/18: The Nude Party Record Release w/ The Muckers, ZZZWalk at Rough Trade

Those psyched-out upstate-by-NC boys have a record they're releasing at a record store. Apropos, huh? Well, it's a night chock-full of dancin' vibes and good times as they take the week up a couple notches so don your best and forget the rest. 

Friday, 07/06/18:  Birds, The Mary Vision, Sic Tic, Messerit at Alphaville

Birds had taken a bit of a hiatus but they're back with a new-and-improved lineup featuring the beautiful faces of many scene stalwarts backing up the man-with-the-plan Duane. Couldn't be more stoked and they immediately went on tour with that lineup so definitely catch 'em at their first show back 'cuz they'll be tighter and dreamier than ever.

Saturday 07/07/18: Hartstop Rooftop Show III at Heartstop (Msg for address)

There are too many dang bands to fully list but Bernadette, Cold Blinds, Menjuje, The Makeout Club are all playing, just to name a few, so you know it's an eclectic and electric smorgasboard of tunes to roll out over the city skyline. Ask a punk or a bro or someone—I don't really know who's putting it on but ask someone for peet's sake!

Sunday, 07/08/18: Pinc Louds, Color Tongue, Pecas, Groupie at Zone One Elsewhere

Punk 'n' weirdo rock 'n' roll reign supreme at Elsewhere this Sunday night. Bring an open mind and an empty stomach so you can imbibe in your favorite bevery and soak in all the killer riffage and weirdness on display.


Greg Hanson lives in Brooklyn and plays in a bunch of bands, founded King Pizza Records, and goes to a bunch of shows. This might qualify him to write about these shows for Blood Sweat and Beers.