NYC Weekly Show Highlights: 08/08 - 08/12

Maybe you noticed a little hiccup in these-here show write-ups? Sometimes you fall off the face of the planet and you just have to pick yourself up outta the void, get back to your computer, and click away to guide your HUGE audience what shows to go to in Brooklyn every week. Thanks for understanding. We love and missed you. 

Wednesday, 08/08/18: Father of Time, Women of the Night, Grey Watson, Bad Kiss at The Footlight

Fuzzed-out rock 'n' roll from all over the web and ready for a party. Fly in and get caught by the spider, allured and shakin' all over; dancelike.

Thursday, 08/09/18: T4C: The Duke of Surl Tape Release w/ GRITS, Lumps at Our Wicked Lady

NJ/Milan, Italy-based boogier Duke of Surl has a new slab of plastic 'n' tape ready for your whip you eat up, spit out, ghost ride and double wide. On the roof, if it's nice and since it's August, you know it (probably) will be.

Friday, 08/10/18 - EARLY: Orchards, Step Sisters, Mick's Jaguar at Rippers

As we're a little light on shows early in the week and this one's on the early side, figured those east-bound-and-down beach dwellers would like a little bump in the right direction of blasting punk 'n' psych shit that's tearing it up at Rippers.

Friday, 08/10/18 - REGULAR: Gorgeous, Kangaroo, Oceanator, Sharkswimmer at Alphaville

The nug/venue capital of Brooklyn has another eclectic (read: arty) night of tunes for which to ponder means of such things like: life, dancing, maybe poetry, sadness. Moody? Maybe. Awesome? Yes.

Saturday, 08/11/18: Pete Mancini, Television City, Cherch, Low Roller at The Gutter

Jump into The Gutter's well-AC'd back room for mind-melting rock 'n' roll that's just a little honky tonk and a lotta good riffin'. No need for weed, you'll be high on sweet tunes. Right? That's how it works. Right, dad?!

Sunday,  08/12/18: Retail B-Day show w/ Stuyedeyed, Nice Knife, Shadow Year at Baby's All Right

The last one of these was a mess and I wouldn't expect anything less with a positively rude lineup of Brooklyn's finest shredders. Hooligans abound and hair will surely fly. Maybe someone will lose their keys. MADNESS.


Greg Hanson lives in Brooklyn and plays in a bunch of bands, founded King Pizza Records, and goes to a bunch of shows. This might qualify him to write about these shows for Blood Sweat and Beers.