NYC Weekly Show Highlights: 08/14 - 08/19

Rain can be a nice respite from the oppressive August daze that tend to make show-going an extra step into the void so I'm cherishing these non-sweat wet moments and strapping in for the week ahead.

Tuesday, 08/14/18: I Am Not an Artist or Photographer at The Footlight

A bit of light self-promotion, but it makes sense cause it's mostly pictures of stuff that has happened at shows 'n' stuff, so whatever! Also, I couldn't find much in the way of shows going on so THIS IS THE BEST YOU'VE GOT.

Wednesday, 08/15/18: Poppies, Dig Nitty, Smock, Wet Mut at The Glove

Lo-fi weirdness of all varieties, from sweet to sweltering, which makes for a sweaty August reunion between your feet and the dance floor. Don't leave em hanging, join us in the pit or whatever manifestation it might make.

Thursday, 08/16/18: Dances, Big Bliss, Birds, Twiga at Alphaville

Four hulking masses of NYC rock 'n' roll unite for a night of ultimate chill-shredding 'n' heart-fluttering within the hallowed walls of a nugged-out back room bar. 

Friday 08/17/18: Jeanette's B-Day Bash! w/ THICK, The Royal They, Darkwing, Lumps at Our Wicked Lady

Our founder and fearless leader here at Blood Sweat and Beers has made another rotation around the sun and is promptly killing her liver and ears as much as possible with a night so rude it's making me shake in my skivvies already. No intros needed, just blistering tunes and mega body flailing. You've been warned.

Saturday,  08/18/18:  Agent Orange, Fea, Grim Streaker, QWAM at Knitting Factory

I saw Agent Orange a decade ago (still two-three decades after their prime) and they still fucking brought it. LA punk legends joined by furious locals at an intimate venue sounds like a good deal to me. Get down.

Sunday, 08/19/18: Honduras, Glove, The Muckers at Berlin

Butter me up and send me down under the East Village to Berlin (not just a place but a really, really small place) to get my weekly dose of swoon for my tum. Nothing makes sense anymore except the aural bliss of your buds making tunes to hum to all the way home afterwards.


Greg Hanson lives in Brooklyn and plays in a bunch of bands, founded King Pizza Records, and goes to a bunch of shows. This might qualify him to write about these shows for Blood Sweat and Beers.