NYC Weekly Show Highlights: 08/20 - 08/26

Late August always has a different aroma: a sun-drunk populace of punks 'n' weirdos co-mingling with the streets. Everyone sweats. Soak it all up before it's gone. 

Monday, 08/20/18: Ugly Mutts, Wolf Diamond, Hameer Zawawi, Vamanos (solo) at Sunnyvale

This is cool becasue it's real different. Hameer Zawawi is from Kuala Lumpur/NYC, playing weirdo folk-ish tunes and busting out with normal rock 'n' rollers, one of whom is playing a rare solo set. A breath of fresh summer air.

Wednesday, 08/22/18: Nicole Abbott & Melissa Lucciola Art Show at Two Boots Williamsburg

Melissa plays as Francie Moon, in Wild Moon and in Kino Kimino. Basically, she is a total badass. And she and Nicole Abbott will have art up, free beer, of course pizza and other folks will be playing (lineup announced soon). When you need something a little more laid back.

Thursday, 08/23/18: Logan X, Flock of Indifference, Shelter Dogs, Virginia & The Woolves at The Gutter

Everyone needs a hero and if you spend a night at a show like this, you're sure to catch something in your net. A dizzying slushy of foot-tappin n finger-waggin for heart beatin and night stealin.

Friday, 08/24/18: The Rizzos, The Duke of Surl, PowerSnap, Matt from Evolfo at The Footlight

Garage rockin' and hard knockin' is the name of a Footlight Friday night. Duke of Surl is finishing up their month-long here 'n' there tour before they head back to the shores of Italy and they have brought out a party pack of killer folks to send 'em off in style.

Saturday, 08/25/18: Cold Blinds, Dangerous Animals, Roman Sky, DAD at Secret Loft

Trek over the bridge and far away to a secret society in a Secret Loft (I hear they worship rock 'n' roll there) and from the look of things, Saturday's offering will put you in a favorable light for any self-assured deity. 

Sunday, 08/26/18: Oceanator Tour Kickoff w/ Bartees, Riverkeeper at Alphaville

Elise may very well live on the road at this point, between her two wildly successful bands and constantly making it happen. Good on her. Send her off again with a wink 'n' kiss and sleep soundly after a night of hearty music for your innards.


Greg Hanson lives in Brooklyn and plays in a bunch of bands, founded King Pizza Records, and goes to a bunch of shows. This might qualify him to write about these shows for Blood Sweat and Beers.