NYC Weekly Show Highlights: 04/30 - 05/06

Ahh! The sun has revitalized me! I can do everything! I feel like a cannonball roaring through the stratosphere in search of coffee and records and pizza and that's what spring does. I can now write more than one sentence about each show. Here goes...

Monday, 04/30/18: CUP Record Release w/ Darkwing, Essi, Sic Tic at Baby's All Right

CUP has been pumping out an intimidating amount of harsh, fuzzy records as a one-man project with a thumping backing band. Here's record number nine (?!?) I believe and it's impressive and concerning—I can't imagine Tim's got any hearing left. Joined by feller headbangers and weird punk royalty, toast the sky and count those chickens SOON.

Tuesday, 05/01/18: Voted Most Time Warped (Art Opening) w/ Greasy Hearts, Lumps, Scout Harris at The Footlight

Aaron from Lumps is a secret maestro of unbelievable proportions with a pen and paintbrush and this night's all about him, baby. He's been scribbling away for months getting new work done and his delightful psychedelic cartoons coupled with a rollicking night of whip-whirring guitar acrobatics and earworm crooning is sure to win over the harshest art critic in ya.

Wednesday, 05/02/18: Dr. Breakfast and the Fuzz, Mr. Hip at El Cortez

Dr. Breakfast is a rare live-band hip-hop group featuring literally the most jovial show-goer in town Jim Wood (of Crazy Pills <3) and they're dank as hell or whatever the kids are saying these days. I have no idea what Mr. Hip is but mystery is one of the many spices of life, my friends.

Thursday, 05/03/18: Danny Laj and the Looks, Low Doses, The Naturals at Diviera Drive

After the death of Grand Vic, it felt like we lost our hang for bands with cool '60s haircuts and beetle boots, but fear not—Diviera Drive has taken the torch and is running heartily with it with a killer bill of sweet power pop to drink soda to and kiss your favorite person and eat chocolate and maybe do some light shoplifting.

Friday, 05/04/18: Kal Marks, Jonah (of Krill), Top Nachos, Dolly Spartans, Vanity Jones at Nacho House (New Paltz)

Alright, New York. I dunno how but there's actually a Friday night where I am not aware of a show happening that I'd recommend. That's not to say there's not something awesome—I just haven't heard. So trek upstate for a tender evening of rip-your-hair-out rock 'n' roll madness that'll tear down the very foundation for whence it stands. 

Saturday, 05/05/18: The Night Screams, Plaid Dracula, Citris at Tender Trap

Boogie woogie punk rock and riffage from the front to the rafters and lay down your souls to the Gods rock 'n' roll. Time to get up and go Greenpoint way for this and tomorrow are rumbling in the Polish section and won't let up 'til the break of dawn.

Sunday, 05/06/18: Ishamel, Glassbath, Geometers, If So at St. Vitus

Perennial heavy music hideout takes a turn for the weird on a Sunday night of jazzy, skronky rock 'n' roll that might be a bigger statement just for the fact that it's happening within such distorted walls.


Greg Hanson lives in Brooklyn and plays in a bunch of bands, founded King Pizza Records, and goes to a bunch of shows. This might qualify him to write about these shows for Blood Sweat and Beers.